Monday, October 17, 2011

Natural Wax ...Say What?

Have you seen my posts and been wondering "what does she mean by "natural waxes"???"  Well check out this comparison picture below!  

Now tell me why you want to burn/melt this in your home? 

I am hoping that it was of those cases of "once you know better, you do better", which I TOTALLY understand.  I didn't know that all the "other companies" were out there pitching their products as "non-toxic"  just because they barely qualify to do so.  This is why you need to always do your research people!!

I did some research of my own...not a tonne, cause it didn't take me long to realize I was going to burn/melt these paraffin wax based products in my home...but here is was I found, just of Wikipedia.


The simplest paraffin molecule is that of methane,. Heavier members of the series, such as octane, C8H18, and mineral oil appear as liquids at room temperature. The solid forms of paraffin, called paraffin wax, are from the heaviest molecules from C20H42 to C40H82

Paraffin, or paraffin hydrocarbon, is also the technical name for an alkane in general, but in most cases it refers specifically to a linear, or normal alkane — whereas branched, or isoalkanes are also called isoparaffins. It is distinct from the fuel known in the United Kingdom, Ireland and South Africa as paraffin oil or just paraffin, which is called kerosene in most of the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

So for the most part - it's toxic poisons.  When you look up safety & hazerdous guidlines, most of these are highly toxic and FLAMMABLE!  

Don't panic...if you're reading this, obviously everything has worked out for the better and you're not dead due to burning down your home, or inhaling to many of these toxins.  

Also don't worry that you won't be able to have those wonderful smelling, and beautiful candle lit ambiances in your home anymore because there is an alternative!

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